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Why Choose Monza Hospital?

Affiliation to an International Group

Affiliation to an international group represents the access of Monza Hospital to over 20 years of expertise and innovation in the medical field, offering European standard medical services, as well as continuous professional training for the medical staff in prestigious international medical centers. Moreover, the permanent collaboration among the physicians of the group makes it possible to perform high difficulty or premiere interventions in Romania.

Specialists Close to People

In Monza Hospital, patients enjoy all the attention of highly-reputed physicians in Romanian medicine. In any of the specialized centers of this hospital (Cardiac Center, Cardiopediatric Center, BRAIN Institute, and Cardiostructural Clinic) the physicians are dedicated not only to their profession, but mostly to the people they care for.

The experience and competence of the specialists within Monza Hospital have been achieved both as a result of practical training courses in great university centers within the country and abroad, and by the larger number of complex case-book records they were confronted with.

Complex Multidisciplinary Care

Monza Hospital cover the entire area of specialties required for the treatment of patients, offering both diagnosis and treatment services, and medical rehabilitation. This type of medical care aims at a fast recovery of the patient, who can thus be reintegrated in the family life and may resume his daily activities under normal conditions.

High Performance Technology

The competence of our specialists is supported by the most advances technology existing on the market. Monza Hospital is endowed with equipment manufactured by world leaders in medical technology. Latest generation equipment is used in radiology, cardiology, neurology, ultrasound, monitoring, anesthesia and intensive care.

Integrated Specialized Assistance

The close cooperation between the specialists and the integrated service of medical assistance allow for the optimization of the use of the technological and professional resources of the hospital, with a view to reduce the clinical risk of the patient and to improve the medical services.

Social Involvement

By ensuring excellent professional training standards and creating a work environment which encourage performance in their own country, Monza Hospital contributes to attracting elite specialists in the Romanian medical system, and to reduce the migration of professionals and of patients.

The profit achieved by Monza Hospital is reinvested on the Romanian territory. It is used for improving the medical practice (technology and professional training) and, through the Monza Foundation, if offers medical services for the benefit of persons in difficult situations.