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Policlinico di Monza Group

Brief History

“Policlinico di Monza” is a private medical group which has developed since 1993 until the present day ten hospital which are specialized in complex surgical interventions and provide high performance integrated medical services.


“Policlinico di Monza” Group is based on solid principles which are kept in very high regard: the group focuses on the medical needs of the patient, the medical staff in all specialties are highly specialized and provide optimum quality services, and the entire profit is reinvested in the development of the hospitals.

Among the values shared by the medical and administrative staff of the group there are the attention granted to the patient, the passion for one’s own profession, and the quality of the services provided.

The treatment methods are based both on clinical circuits, and on the benefits brought about by the patient’s emotional state. The arrangement within the hospitals tries to recreate the family atmosphere of one’s life at home, as it is an essential condition for all phases of medical care. Thus, you will find in our hospitals elements of décor and chromatics which induce a positive attitude of psychical and physical health (paintings, gravures, and statuettes).

Presence in Romania

In the first place, many Romanian patients choose Italian hospitals for various procedures of diagnosis and treatment which correspond to their health care needs.

Then, the training of the Romanian medical staff is considered by the foreign countries, including Italy, as being one at the highest level and with excellent quality standards. Therefore, the medical staff from Romania is requested by medical structures in the European Union and outside it. Italy is no exception, that is why the Group employs approximately 300 Romanian nationals (11% of the Group’s labor force). Along the time, many Romanians were employed within the Group, but most of them returned to continue their professional life in their homeland.

The relation between the “Policlinico di Monza” Group and the Romanian health care system began over ten years ago and has developed under various forms. Since 2002, the Group has initiated its programs of post-graduate professional training. Due to these bilateral agreements of cooperation with prestigious societies within the Romanian health care system (the Romanian College of Physicians, the Romanian Society of Cardiology, the Romanian Society of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery) and with various universities in Romania, over 70 Romanian physicians benefited from professional refresher courses within the Monza Group.

Also, mixed teams consisting of Italian and Romanian physicians have done and still do complex cardiac surgeries in Romania, to complete the training of the Romanian specialists.
Italian specialist were present every year at the Romanian Congresses of Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, and Echocardiography, either as speakers or moderators, or to present scientific works. Moreover, complex cardiac surgical interventions performed in Italy were transmitted and projected live for the Romanian specialists in the conference rooms in Romania. Due to these programs carried out for the first time in Romania, the Romanian grantee physicians trained in Italy made the first interventions of arterial myocardial revascularization and the first complex corrections of the mitral valve.

The educational value of these programs has been appreciated by the Romanian health care system, so that the Romanian Society of Cardiac Surgery awarded several prizes to the “Policlinico di Monza” Group for this performance. Also, in the year 2007, the Academy of Romanian Scientists awarded a gold medal to the postgraduate professional training program dedicated to the Romanian physicians.
Starting from this fruitful cooperation between Italy and Romania, the Monza Group decided to be present in the Romanian health care system, and in 2010 began the building of the Monza Hospital of Bucharest, which reunites at present Romanian and Italian professionals, in a process of continuous and interactive training.

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