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Why Choose the Monza Hospital?

Excellence standards dedicated to the patients

The Monza Hospital, part of the “Policlinico di Monza” Group which reunites ten hospitals in Italy, specializes in complex surgical interventions and provides high performance integrated medical services.
The Monza Hospital was conceived as a medical project focusing on the patient and his needs. Thus, from the very beginning, there were created special circuits for the patients and for the medical staff. Starting from this concept, the Monza Hospital has created a family atmosphere, safe and comfortable for the patients, and a multidisciplinary, formative and professional environment for the medical staff.
The affiliation to an international group grants the Monza Hospital access to over 20 years of expertise and innovation in the medical field, enabling it to provide medical services at European quality standards, as well as continuous professional training of the staff in prestigious international centers. Moreover, the permanent collaboration among the physicians of the group make it possible to perform great difficulty or premiere interventions in Romania.

Specialists close to people

In the Monza Hospital, patients enjoy all the attention of highly reputed doctors in the Romanian medicine. In any of the specialized centers of this hospital (Cardiac Center, Cardiopediatric Center, BRAIN Institute, and Cardiostructural Clinic), the physicians are dedicated not only to their profession, but mostly to the people in their care.
The experience and the competence of the specialists within the Monza Hospital are achieved both as a result of the practical stages in great university centers within the country and abroad, and of the complex cases they were confronted with. Therefore, in Romania, certain interventions can only be done at the Monza Hospital.

Complex multidisciplinary care

The Monza Hospital covers the entire area of specialties required to treat the patient, offering both diagnosis and treatment services, and medical rehabilitation. This continuity of the medical care allows to monitor the patient’s evolution not only in the pre and post-operatory phases, but also in the rehabilitation phase, when there may appear particular complications, situations in which the physicians can intervene fast.
Moreover, the complexity of treatments guarantees medical care for all the complications that the patient may develop, which makes unnecessary the transfer of the patient to other medical structures.
The purpose of this type of medical care is a quick recovery of the patient, who can thus reintegrate his family life and he may resume his daily activity under normal conditions.

High performance technology

The “Policlinico di Monza” Group represents a reference center in Eastern Europe with regard to the endowment with top of the line equipment, brands of the most renowned manufacturers in the medical field, world leaders in medical technology.
Thus, the competence of our specialists is supported by the most advanced technology existing on the market in radiology – imaging, cardiology, neurology, ultrasonography, monitoring, anesthesia and intensive care.

Integrated specialized care

The close collaboration among specialists allows for optimizing the use of the technological and professional resources of the hospital, with a view to reduce the patient’s clinical risk and to improve the medical service.
To prevent undesired medical events, the approach of the Monza Hospital is based on the clinical risk assessment. Thus, before any invasive act upon the patient, a preventive checkup is carried out in order to establish the cardiological, pneumological, infectious, nephrological risk of of any other kind, thereby avoiding complications which determine a long hospitalization or even fatal events.

Social involvement

By the professional training at excellence level and by creating work conditions that encourage performance in their own country, the Monza Hospital contributes to attracting elite specialists into the Romanian medical system and to reducing the migration of professionals and the number of patients leaving for other countries to get high quality medical care.
The profit achieved by the Monza Hospital Is reinvested on the Romanian territory. It is used to improve medical practice (technology and professional training) and, through the Monza Foundation, to provide medical services for the benefit of persons in difficulty.

Centers of excellence and specialties

Due to the substantial experience of the “Policlinico di Monza” Group in developing centers specializing in heart diseases, the Monza Hospital of Romania was opened in July 2012, as a center of excellence in cardiovascular surgery.
As new departments were developed, heart specialties were integrated in the Cardiac Center, the only private medical center in Romania which includes all heart specialties in a single place, providing integrated services of diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation: cardiology, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, and arrythmology, cardiovascular surgery, and cardiovascular rehabilitation.
In October 2013, Cardiopediatric Center was inaugurated, the only center in Romania which provides integrated services related to heart conditions in children, from the very first days of life, and for teenagers: pediatric cardiology, pediatric interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, and arrythmology, pediatric cardiovascular surgery, pediatric anesthesia and intensive care, and cardiovascular rehabilitation. Among the diseases treated there are both simple cardiac congenital malformations, and those with a high degree of complexity.
BRAIN Institute, the center specialized in modern neurosurgery developed in partnership with the Monza Hospital, was inaugurated in February 2014. The brain conditions in adults and children are treated at the standards practiced in the best neuroscience centers in the world. BRAIN Institute reunites the most experienced specialists in the Romanian modern neurosurgery: neurosurgery, neuro-anesthesia, ENT – transnasal surgery of the hypophyse adenoma, interventional neuroradiology, neurology, neuroendocrinology, and neuromotor rehabilitation.
During the year 2014, the specialists of the Cardiac Center made several elite multidisciplinary approaches, part of the Program of Complex Structural Cardiovascular Interventions. In January 2015, this program was extended by the creation of the Cardiostructural Clinic, a center dedicated to the treatment of congenital cardiopathies and complex cardiovascular diseases by minimally invasive interventions, without opening the chest and stopping the heart. At this center only endovascular there are done (through the blood vessels) and hybrid interventions, which combine interventional and minimally invasive surgical procedures and involve the collaboration of the following departments : interventional cardiology, cardiovascular (including pediatric) surgery, vascular surgery, anesthesia and intensive care, cardiology, electrophysiology, radiology, and medical imaging.
Woman’s Health Academy, launched in the beginning of the year 2015, is the program of prevention and treatment of the most types of cancer in women: breast cancer and uterine cervix cancer. The program includes a package of integrated screening services coordinated by Dr. Alina Sturdza, specialized in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of tumor pathology in female cancer. Dr. Sturdza provides constant monitoring during the entire treatment process — the case management service on this segment is unique in Romania.

Medical and surgical specialties

All centers benefit enjoy the support of the Specialized Outpatient Clinic, of the Departmentul of Radiology and Medical Imaging, and of the Medical Test Laboratories.
Apart from these, there are the medical specialties (internal medicine, pneumology, gastroenterology and endoscopy, nephrology, diabetology, pediatrics, endocrinology), the surgical specialties (general and bariatric surgery, thoracic surgery, advanced proctologyl surgery, orthopedics and traumatology, pediatric orthopedics, urological surgery, phlebology, ENT, esthetic and reparatory surgery) and related medical services (Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Blood Transfusion Unit, dentistry and implantology, emergency room, emergency compartment and day hospital).

Endowment and equipment

Hospital structure

Built on a surface of 18,000 sq.m. distributed on nine floors, the Monza Hospital was conceived as a medical project whose concern is focused on the patient and his needs. Thus, from the very beginning, there were created special circuits for the patients and for the medical staff. Starting from this vision, the Monza Hospital has created a family-like, safe, and comfortable atmosphere for the patients and a multidisciplinary, formative, and professional environment for the medical staff.

The building is, thus, oriented toward functional simplicity and it is characterized by the following distribution of facilities on the nine floors as follows: a floor dedicated to general services; a floor intended for the public; two floors dedicated to diagnosis and medical studies; three floors for rehabilitation and treatment; one floor for surgery, day surgery, and intensive care; and a floor for the critical area (operating rooms, interventional cardiology laboratories, and intensive care).
At present, the Monza Hospital has 140 beds, over 190 employees, and 50 collaborators, who provide services to approximately 2500 patients a month. The hospital is endowed with two operating blocks consisting of our operating rooms each, as well as two angiography laboratories.
Infection prevention during surgical interventions is extremely important, therefore, the Monza Hospital is concerned with every detail, including an area designed for the sterilization of medical instrument and four isolation rooms (septic zone) for the patients with infections. Moreover, to avoid microbial or bacterial infections in the area of surgical interventions, the patients who are going to be operated are previously examined by a dentist, to assess their dental issues.
From a technological point of view, the Monza Hospital of Bucharest is endowed with the most sophisticated and innovative technology. The “Policlinico di Monza” Group represents a reference center in Eastern Europe with regard to the endowment with top of the line equipment of its hospitals, produced by the most renowned manufacturers in the medical field, world leaders in their branch.
Thus, the competence of our specialists is sustained by the most advanced technology on the market in radiology – medical imaging, neurology, cardiology, ultrasonography, monitoring, anesthesia and intensive care.

Endowment of rooms and other services

The hotel services offered to the patients are ensured by the spacious and comfortable single rooms, endowed with bathroom, air conditioning, safety boxes with cipher, TV and access to the Internet. patients may also benefit from VIP suites with adjacent rooms.
The Monza Hospital also makes available for the patients and visitors a parking lot, a cafeteria, a restaurant, and a playroom specially arranged for the hospitalized children.

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