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“Policlinico di Monza” is a private medical group from Italy, which has developed since din 1993 until the present day ten hospitals that are specialized in complex surgical interventions and provide high performance integrated medical services.

Monza Hospital of Bucharest was conceived as a medical project focusing on the patient and his needs. Starting from that concept, Monza Hospital has creates a family environment, safe and comfortable for the patients, and a multidisciplinary, formative, and professional environment for the medical staff.

The affiliation to an international group grants the Monza Hospital access to over 20 years of expertise and innovation in the medical field, enabling it to provide medical services at European quality standards, as well as continuous professional training of the staff in Italy.
Among the values shared by the medical and administrative staff of the group there are the attention focused on the patient, the passion for one’s own profession, and the quality of the services provided.

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