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Cardiac Center

Cardiac Center este singurul centru medical privat din România care cuprinde toate specialităţile inimii într-un singur loc, asigurând servicii integrate de diagnostic, tratament și reabilitare.

Centrele Ares

Centrele de Excelenţă Ares reprezintă centrul de diagnostic şi tratament al afecţiunilor inimii prin abord minim+invaziv, pe cale endovasculară.

Cardiomyopathy Center

Cardiomyopathy Center este singurul centru medical din România și unul din cele 5 centre din Europa care se ocupă de diagnosticul și tratamentul cardiomiopatiei hipertrofice obstructive.

Brain Institute

Brain Institute este centrul specializat în neurochirurgie, în cadrul căruia afecţiunile creierului sunt tratate la standardele celor mai bune centre de neuroștiinte din lume.

DaVinci Center

Da Vinci Center este centrul de excelenţă care reunește specialităţile chirurgicale robotice - Da Vinci Xi: urologie, ginecologie, chirurgie bariatrică, chirurgie oncologică și chirurgie cardiovasculară.

Urology Center

Urology Center este un centru de excelenţă în urologie, special conceput pentru a trata orice afecţiune din această arie: de la o banală infecţie urinară până la cele mai grave forme de cancer.

Bari Clinic

Bari Clinic este centrul de care se ocupă cu tratamentul chirurgical al obezităţii, beneficiind de o echipă multidisciplinară care va susţine pacientul până când acesta va atinge o greutate optimă.

Institutul Sânului

Institutul Sânului este un centru medical integrat, specializat în prevenţia, diagnosticarea și tratarea patologiei mamare, cu o echipă multidisciplinară specializată în tratamentul patologiei mamare.

Gastroenterology Center

Gastroenterology Center este un centru de diagnostic și tratament care se adresează pacienţilor cu patologii digestive cronice, acute și oncologice.


Monza Dental oferă servicii și tratamente de ultimă generaţie în prevenirea, diagnosticarea și tratarea tuturor situaţiilor de sănătate dentară.

Specialized Centers


The Cardiac Center developed by the Monza Hospital is the only private medical center in Romania which comprises all cardiac specialties in a single place and ensures integrated services of diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.


Children are not miniature adults with smaller scale illnesses, but they are particular cases requiring medical approaches which take into consideration their vulnerability and development stage.


The Cardiostructural Clinic is a center dedicated to treating congenital cardiopathies and complex cardiovascular diseases by minimally invasive interventions, without opening the chest and arresting the heart.


The diseases of the brain and of the spinal cord are treated at the standards practiced in the best neurosciences centers at the BRAIN Institute, the center which specializes in neurosurgery developed in partnership with the Monza Hospital.


To diagnose and treat the patients, the Monza Hospital has all the equipment required to undergo a complete process. The competence of our specialists enjoys the support of the most advanced technology existing on the market.


You are treated with professionalism and friendship

In Monza Hospital, the patients enjoy all the attention of well-reputed physicians from the Romanian medicine. In any of the specialized centers of this hospital, the physicians are devoted not only to their profession, but also to the people they care for.

You receive complete multidisciplinary care

Monza Hospital covers the entire area of specialties required to treat the patient, offering both diagnosis and treatment services , and medical rehabilitation. This continuous medical care allows for monitoring the patient’s evolution not only in the pre- and post-operatory phases, but also in the rehabilitation phase.

You go back to work in the shortest time possible

The close cooperation among specialists reduces the patient’s clinical risk, improves the medical performance and allows for the fast recovery of the patient, who is able to reintegrate his/her family life and resume his/her daily activities under normal conditions.




Belonging to an international group

This means that the Monza Hospital has access to over 20 years of expertise and innovation in the medical field, it offers medical services at European quality standards, and grants its medical staff continuous professional training in prestigious international centers.

Medical leadership

The experience and the competence of the specialists of Monza Hospital were achieved as a result of practice periods at large university centers in Romania and abroad, as well as of the complex cases they were confronted with. Thus, in Romania, certain interventions can be achieved only at the Monza Hospital.

High performance technology

The “Policlinico di Monza” Group represents a reference center in the Eastern Europe with regard to the top of the line equipment, made by the best renowned manufacturers in the medical field, world leaders in the medical technology.

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